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Why settle for second class when on-board?

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In today's marine industry, both clients and crew have high expectations when it comes to on-board IT. Understandably, their demands are for access to the systems and applications that have become the norm on-shore. So why settle for second class IT when on-board? AM Consultancy can help design, install and maintain the latest in marine IT solutions.

Proven experience

We have worked with a number of marine industry clients in the last few years, providing IT services and support for both on-shore and on-board environments. This experience has allowed us to build up a level of experience as to client expectations and the practical realities of delivering solutions in often challenging and harsh conditions. While we can offer proven solutions, knowing how requirements change from client-to-client, we can also work very closely to plan and develop bespoke systems and applications to meet your or your customer's needs.

Find out more

We are always happy to have no-commitment conversations with potential clients to understand their requirements and expectations and work out the solution that best meets needs. Use the contact form on this page to get in touch, or call on +44 1534 851635.

IT Hosting

Organisations need to ensure their IT infrastructure is accessible at all times and secure in an environmentally controlled location. If your premises do not satisfy this expectation, or you need a second site for security or redundancy, a purpose-built hosting centre is an ideal solution. 

We can remotely host part or all of your IT services and applications in a secure fully managed environment, or provide a second back-up site for disaster recovery facilities.

Among the solutions we offer as part of a package or as stand-alone services are:

Hosting Centre

We can arrange and manage IT hosting on your behalf in a fully secure 24/7 data centre featuring multiple internet connections and fully redundant infrastructure. 

Website Hosting

We can host your organisation’s website in either Windows or Linux environments.

Email Hosting

We can host your email services and provide filtering and back-up facilities.

Domain Name Hosting

We can host and manage your domain names.

IT Planned Works

Issues that require an on-site visit need resources and expertise available as necessary to resolve in a planned fashion. 

We can undertake the implementation of discrete IT activities and projects on your behalf, or provide the resources and expertise needed to assist your organisation as required.

Among the solutions we offer as part of a package or as stand-alone services are:

Second Line Support

We can offer your organisation comprehensive second line support for issues not resolved by the IT Help Desk.         

New User Creation

We can add new users to your network, acquiring and installing hardware if necessary.

Installation and Commissioning

We can acquire and install hardware and software as required.

Mobile Data Device Set-up and Configuration

We can configure your BlackBerry or other mobile phone devices to allow access to email and personal management information services such as calender, contacts, etc.

IT Helpdesk

Problems arising with your staff’s IT need dealing with quickly and effectively to minimise down time or any loss in productivity. For this to happen, you need access to an IT help desk function that is able to quickly understand the issue, proactively deal with it there and then, or ensure a planned works is created should there be a need for on-site help.

Among the solutions we offer as part of a package or as stand-alone services are:

First Line Support

We can offer you and your users direct first line support on issues they are experiencing with their IT via the telephone or email based support. (This could also be for a short period – while your existing IT person is on leave for example.)           

Expert Assistance

We can resolve many issues simply by offering expert advice and assistance.

Issue Resolution

We can resolve many issues immediately by remotely connecting to your workstations and temporarily taking control.

Issue Escalation

We can schedule a planned works if unable to resolve user issues via the phone or by remote access, and manage trouble tickets through to resolution.

IT Management

The need to manage IT on a day-to-day basis is often overlooked by organisations or approached on an ad-hoc basis. Yet the consequences of failing to ensure correct arrangements are in place with external suppliers or to ensure that your network, solutions or website are performing optimally can be costly and embarrassing.

We can take responsibility for ensuring the ongoing effective and efficient management of your IT systems, processes and suppliers, providing you with the peace of mind of knowing everything is working and up to date.

Among the solutions we offer as part of a package or as stand-alone services are:

Third Party Supplier Management

We can manage third parties on your organisation’s behalf including the supply of hardware and printers (Dell), software and mobile email device provision (BlackBerry / Windows Mobile / Apple iPhone / Android).

Domain Name / SSL Certificate Management

We can manage your domain names, website hosting and SSL certificates to ensure they remain registered and up-to-date.

Service Management

We can undertake regular preventative maintenance of your hardware and software to ensure it is up-to-date, running at maximum efficiency and free from viruses.   

Service Maintenance

We can undertake regular preventative maintenance of your hardware and software to ensure it's up-to-date, running at maximum efficiency and free from viruses.

Anti-Virus Management

We can manage your antivirus protection, ensuring it remains current and at the latest version level.

Website Management       

We can manage your website ensuring it remain up-to-date and performing as expected.

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