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Cloud Computing

Why choose the Cloud?

There has been talk of moving IT into ‘the Cloud’ for many years – talk mainly coming from technology specialists or suppliers with something to sell. Recently, however, Cloud computing has taken on a far more solid form, and is being seriously considered as a viable option by many organisations and suppliers. But what is ‘the Cloud’, and why should you consider it as a solution for your organisation’s IT requirements?

With traditional IT, organisations typically have their own dedicated IT infrastructure, either located on their premises or perhaps in a secure data centre, and use it to store data and run applications. With Cloud Computing, the approach is to store your data and applications on secure and resilient third-party infrastructure and access it as required over the internet (which in most IT diagrams appears as a cloud – hence the name).

What are the benefits?

The benefits of this approach are:

  • Save cost: avoid capital spend by sharing infrastructure and applications with others
  • Easy installation: gain access to new services and storage by simply ‘turning them on’
  • Up to date: Cloud Computing providers constantly update their applications, adding new features as they become available
  • Easy to grow: add new applications and storage as you expand or to deal with temporary requirements
  • Access from anywhere: because it is internet based it does not matter where you or your staff are located

Who is it designed for?

Cloud computing is suitable for any size of organisation and for most applications.

Want to find out more?

AM Consulting have developed its own range of Cloud Computing based services called Virtual Office Solutions. For more information click here visit the Virtual Office Solutions website.

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