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Why settle for second class when on-board?

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In today's marine industry, both clients and crew have high expectations when it comes to on-board IT. Understandably, their demands are for access to the systems and applications that have become the norm on-shore. So why settle for second class IT when on-board? AM Consultancy can help design, install and maintain the latest in marine IT solutions.

Proven experience

We have worked with a number of marine industry clients in the last few years, providing IT services and support for both on-shore and on-board environments. This experience has allowed us to build up a level of experience as to client expectations and the practical realities of delivering solutions in often challenging and harsh conditions. While we can offer proven solutions, knowing how requirements change from client-to-client, we can also work very closely to plan and develop bespoke systems and applications to meet your or your customer's needs.

Find out more

We are always happy to have no-commitment conversations with potential clients to understand their requirements and expectations and work out the solution that best meets needs. Use the contact form on this page to get in touch, or call on +44 1534 851635.

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