IT Services Implementation Engineer

AMC are a small highly versatile organisation that offers IT services ranging from Database design, to Cisco firewalls and Virtual Private Networking. By offering such a range of services through our own systems, we can integrate the various technologies and provide our client base with a single IT service solution provider.

Purpose of the job

To carry out all manner of computer installation and support of computer and network systems.

Principal accountabilities

  • Research and stay abreast of technological developments in IT forum.
  • Prototype new technologies with a view to AM Consultancy implementing within their client base.
  • Write technical reports detailing how to implement new technologies.
  • Advise on designs of systems based on Microsoft server and workstation technologies to meet client requirements.
  • Carry out systems installation of servers, including email systems.
  • Test systems to ensure they operate to client specifications and expectations.
  • Document systems installation so other members of AM Consultancy can operate systems.
  • Monitor automated reports from client installations and act upon warnings before major system incidents occur. Advise on recurring problems.
  • Diagnose faults at all levels of system and network. Correct faults in systematic and recorded fashion.
  • Carry out technical support on client workstations and servers, liaising with clients to answer technical questions and concerns they may have.

Knowledge end experience required

  • Strong knowledge and experience of implementing Microsoft server and client systems. Typically involved with the installation of Windows 2003 server / Windows 2008 server installation and current MS client based systems.
  • Passed at least one exam towards MCSE and be an MCP, alternatively have completed A+ and Network +, or CCNA qualifications with a view to learning MS based systems.
  • General understanding of Ethernet networks and the mechanisms for resolving a computer name into logical address.
  • Some knowledge of internet technologies would be advantageous. For example, knowledge of DNS and how it operates.

What we are interested in is highly motivated individuals with a passion for innovative solutions and thirst for developing new technologies into value added results.

Working Environment

The majority of work is done from our office situated in rural St Martins, using virtual private networking to support our client base. This means that we do not operate normal office hours, but instead work to objectives.

By the nature of IT systems, some of our work is easier done outside of office hours. All who work within AM Consultancy have access to our servers and network resources, and we strongly encourage our members to use our resources to develop their skills and knowledge base. Salary is based upon current knowledge, experience and qualifications.

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